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5 Must-Try Valentine's Treats at Amelie's French Bakery & Cafe

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Remember the cute pop-up dessert display at Taste of Atlanta 2018? That was Amelie's! This eclectic French Cafe & Bakery combines a traditional skillset of pastry with artistic expression and seasonal items.

Photo by RSVP ATL

Photo by RSVP ATL

Although Amelie's is in the heart of West Midtown, it's one of the rare places with a full parking lot dedicated to the space. The actual Cafe & Bakery is also spacious inside with many tables suitable for working, studying or simply enjoying a quiet moment with your food selection. The music that echoes throughout the space is of the “chill” variety and is sure to give you a much needed escape from reality. Even for just a song. Amelie's expands beyond its large room with all the tables, art and display case of incredibly delicate foods. There are multiple rooms for events! Some of their most popular occasions to host events are baby showers, bridal showers and birthday parties but with the accessible parking and “break from reality” feel, it would be nice for any occasion or holiday.

‘Tis the season for Valentine's Day and Amelie's is here for it. The bakery is serving many festive treats including: French Macarons, Lemon Raspberry Tart, Strawberry Vanilla Petit Gâteau, Raspberry Linzer Cookies and Custom Éclairs. The Éclairs can be filled with either chocolate or vanilla cream and topped with a custom message of your choosing! Pair any of these goodies with some of Amelie's signature beverages like a Salted Caramel Brownie Cafe Mocha or a simple Espresso. Scroll below to take a peek at our favorite Valentine's-themed treats then watch our Facebook Live with Marketing and Media Manager, Skye Estroff, and Kitchen Manager Mikaila Fong to get more details!

5 Must-try Valentine's Day Treats:

1) French Macarons

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2) Lemon Raspberry Tart

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3) Strawberry Vanilla Petit Gâteau

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4) Raspberry Linzer Cookie

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5) Custom Éclairs

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See these plates up-close when you scroll, then watch our Facebook Live with Marketing and Media Manager, Skye Estroff, and Chef Imani Greer to get more details! Stay up to date with all things Taste of Atlanta throughout the year! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and sign up for our e-newsletter here.