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Be a volunteer "Taste Bud" at this year's festival! There are a limited number of positions available, so apply early.

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I understand that this web form is a pre-application to indicate my interest as a volunteer at the Taste of Atlanta festival, and in no way guarantees my acceptance. I understand that the position is voluntary and offers no monetary compensation for my time.

As a volunteer "Taste Bud" for Taste of Atlanta, I agree to treat every guest of the event in a friendly manner and with dignity and respect. I understand that I may be relieved of my volunteer duties at any time and for any reason by a Taste of Atlanta volunteer coordinator or management. I understand that I may not serve as a volunteer if I am under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

By submitting this form, I give permission to Taste of Atlanta to utilize my photograph in any materials produced by Taste of Atlanta. I understand that I am not an official spokesperson, employee, subcommittee or staff member of Taste of Atlanta. I understand that I am not authorized to speak on behalf of Taste of Atlanta and I may not obligate Taste of Atlanta in any contractual matter, nor do I have decision making authority with regard to public safety matters. I agree to abide by all rules set forth by Taste of Atlanta and further agree to hold harmless the City of Atlanta and Taste of Atlanta, LLC or any of it's agents or associated entities for any acts performed by me outside the scope of my activities as a volunteer.