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Georgia Peanut Commission: Peanuts for the Holidays

In case you needed another reason to love America's favorite nut (which is actually a legume), we have plenty of reasons you should celebrate the perfectly powerful peanut during the holidays, as well as all year long! Did you know peanuts are now considered a Superfood? According to The Peanut Institute, numerous studies haven proven peanuts and peanut butter are nutrient dense and decrease the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. That is Superfood status!


"Studies conducted in the United States and around the world reveal that eating peanuts regularly helps prevent disease, improves life expectancy and delivers positive effects throughout the body," says Samara Sterling, Ph.D., director of research for The Peanut Institute. "Peanuts qualify as a superfood because they're nutrient-dense, delivering superior health benefits in a very small serving. When you compare peanuts to kale, it's a stark difference in terms of the amount you need to consume to reap the food's benefits. For example, one serving of peanuts contains six times as much protein as a serving of raw kale and eight times as much niacin."

Peanuts are an excellent choice for snacking and cooking because of their affordability, great taste and excellent nutrition. Did you know Georgia peanut farmers grow nearly 50 percent of the peanuts produced in the United States each year? How cool is that? Most of the peanuts grown in Georgia are made into peanut butter, and/or used in peanut candy and snacks. Check out more facts from the National Peanut Board below!

Want to celebrate this holiday season by trying out a new peanut recipe? Check out this recipe for Peanut Butter Saltine Brittle here. It will be a hit at any holiday gathering!

For more recipes using peanuts and peanut butter, check out the Georgia Peanuts Pinterest page. You can also visit the Georgia Peanut Commission website for more recipes, nutrition information and fun facts to celebrate all year long!

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