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New Creative Southern Cuisine: Bogartz Food Artz

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Sandy Springs has a new neighborhood go-to that has a very catchy name. This restaurant is Bogartz Food Artz. Its creative name is reflective of the eclectic southern cuisine coming out of Chef Bruce Bogartz's kitchen. The food is a mash-up of the south's best flavors that are so unique, most menu items cannot be found in another restaurant, only Bogartz. One of the signature dishes that can be credited to Chef Bruce is the Smoked Trout Tater Tots. He smokes the trout in-house, then combines the flaked fish with shredded potatoes (grated in-house), corn, tomatoes and rosemary, then tops with horseradish sauce and pepper jelly. This is a dish that exudes southern decadence. The golden brown dollops on each plate look similar to a hushpuppy (pictured below), but there is no mistaking this concoction for the “ultimate” tater tot.

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Another compilation we didn't know we needed: Chef Bruce's Pineapple Upside Down Bread Pudding. If you guessed that this is the mash-up of Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Bread Pudding- you guessed right! Fresh Challah bread is soaked in a spiced Pineapple rum custard mixture, Pineapple and Maraschino cherries are mixed in, baked and topped with caramel and whipped cream. This dessert is rich yet balanced- it's love at first bite. More must-try dishes from Bogartz? The Goat Cheese Beignets, Salmon Caesar Salad, Gumbo and Brisket are some of our faves. Check out the full menu here.

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Chef Bruce will be serving tastes of these indulgent dishes next Saturday night (June 8th) at Food That Rocks! Bogartz Food Artz will be competing for the title of “Best Taste” against 25+ Sandy Springs restaurants. Food That Rocks attendees get unlimited food, beer, wine and cocktail tastes with their ticket as well as tokens to vote on their favorite dish! Food That Rocks sold out in 2018, so get your tickets early! Learn more and buy your tickets on! Want to learn more about Chef Bruce and Bogartz Food Artz? Watch as Taste of Atlanta Marketing and Media Manager, Skye Estroff, interviews Chef Bruce Bogartz about his signature cuisine when you click here.