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Unique Treats in Doraville: Sweet Spot

The newest hotspot for snacks, sweets, and teas is in Doraville at Sweet Spot! Sweet Spot redesigns authentic Asian desserts with a modern touch. Their unique restaurant is not only known for its delicious and refreshing treats, but also their instagrammable wall murals and exciting atmosphere. Sweet Spot will be at Taste of Atlanta 2019, but you can try their amazing selection before our big event on October 18, 19, and 20th! This will be our 18th annual festival and we are excited to be back in Fourth Ward Park

Bubble Waffle Ice Cream Bowl with Mango Fleecy and Mixed Fruit Refresher

Top 4 Things to Order at Sweet Spot to cool off in this heat:

  1. A bubble waffle ice cream bowl with vanilla ice cream and mix and match toppings. Toppings include cereal, Oreos, fruit, chocolate drizzle and so much more!
  2. An iced mixed fruit refresher is the perfect item to order on a hot summer day. The fruit selection in this drink make it the best refreshing snack.
  3. A fleecy!! These are Hong Kong style milkshakes that are similar to a milkshake and fruit smoothie combo... how delicious!
  4. Sweet Mochi! Flavors include: Matcha, Thai Tea, Red Bean, Mango, Black Sesame, Lychee, Chocolate, Vanilla Chip and Passion Fruit.

Bubble Waffle Ice Cream Bowl and Mural