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Atlanta’s “Must Do” Food, Wine, Beer and Cocktail Festival




”One of Atlanta's most popular food and drink festivals. Come for the food and drink, stay for the live cooking demonstrations, classes, and live music.“

Atlanta Magazine

”VIP is so worth it. And holy moly, VIP is the only way to go. Free drinks and there were SO many booze vendors. Live music and entertainment.“

Tiff H., Yelp

”Had an amazing time! This was my first time going to it so I can say it was fantastic! The food was great. Very organized! Especially with the point system!“

Brittney C., Yelp

”It's basically Thanksgiving in October, what more do I need to say?“

Millennials of Atlanta

”Brunch has of course been a meal of great debate at the State Capitol in recent years, capitulating in the passage of the 'Brunch Bill' during the 2018 legislative session, moving up the time at which restaurants can serve alcohol on Sunday mornings to 11:00am.Voters throughout most of the state will vote to approve that law this November, and if an informal poll of Taste of Atlanta attendees serves as any sort of indicator, expect it to pass with flying colors.“


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