DECEMBER 1 - 7, 2020

Regina Hild


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Award-winning Chef, CEO/Founder started her business in 2015 in her Dunwoody kitchen. This passion for creating delicious fruit spreads began early on for me. Regina Nekola Hild was born and raised on a 200-acre centurion farm in the heart of Iowa. Farm country, plain and simple. Her parents were small business owners. Tough, independent and driven. Regina’s mother was a prolific and creative cook, who taught her five children that if they wanted to eat, they needed to learn to cook. Touching her competitive nature, this inspired Regina’s early culinary aspirations, and she became quite a natural in the family kitchen. At 18, she moved away from the family farm, attended the University of Central Florida and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. She worked in marketing and sales for Coca-Cola and Nortel Networks before beginning an award-winning, six-year career in real estate with Harry Norman Realtors in Atlanta. But the call of the kitchen never left her soul. She became a Certified Culinarian with the American Culinary Foundation and earned her Applied Science Degree in Culinary Arts from Gwinnett Technical College. She quickly honed her skills working for, and with, companies like Hilton Atlanta (pastry cook), Dunwoody Bakery (operations manager), Whole Foods and Sprouts Farmers Market. In 2015, Regina founded Regina’s Farm Kitchen in her family kitchen in Dunwoody, GA.


Made from scratch by a farm-raised chef is Regina's Farm Kitchen's company motto. At Regina’s Farm Kitchen, we emphasize unbridled quality throughout the hands-on process of sourcing, producing, packaging and labeling our small-batch, artisan jams, spreadable fruits and delectable baked goods. We believe in local sourcing, buying from the finest purveyors available in Georgia. Georgia-grown is always our priority and first choice in produce. We are proud members of Georgia Grown, and we gather fruit from local farms whenever possible. Regina's Farm Kitchen was a 2020 Finalist for the UGA Flavor of Georgia Food Contest, and a Winner in the 2018, Good Food Awards.