DECEMBER 1 - 7, 2020

Teasha Chestnut

Sugarholic Desserts

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Meet Teasha Chestnut, Founder and Creator of Sugarholic Desserts. Coming from a lingage of culinary creatives, Teasha knew her whole life she wanted to own a bakery but didn't have much experience. So one day back in 2014 she decided to sign up for school at Le Cordon Bleu in Las Vegas to learn the ropes. As single mother, she became a student by day and bartender by night crafting drinks on the world famous Las Vegas Strip to make ends meet. Vegas nightlife introduced her to a whole new world of cocktails that she never knew existed. She continued to hone her skills and soon began to incorporate her cocktail knowledge into her baking catalog, meticulously matching the spirits to the flavor profiles to create one of kind desserts experiences.

About Sugarholic Desserts

Sugarholic Desserts is online bakery that specialize alcohol infused desserts called Caketinis! “ The Caketini” is one of a kind creation that are made up of decadent infused cake layer between boozy homemade icing that is nestled deliciously inside of a reusable keepsake martini shaker. Each Caketini also come with a drink recipe card to create speciality cocktails so that way you can still keep the party going long after your last bite!