DECEMBER 1 - 7, 2020

Roma Patel


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Founded by Atlanta-based, female entrepreneur Roma Patel, Tejari and Co is a collection of organic superfood (& vegan!) protein blends that offers convenient, whole food options with minimal ingredients (Tejari is the first protein company to introduce a blend with less than 4 ingredients), for busy individuals and families. After 10+ years in the corporate workforce for both The Coca-Cola Company and NBC Universal all while being a passionate mom of two, Roma grew frustrated with the struggle to find convenient, organic food options for herself & her family that were free of empty calories, added sugar & artificial ingredients. Unable to find what she was looking for & after countless conversations with friends & wellness experts, Tejari was born.

About Tejari

As my family began to grow, I searched high and low for nutrient-dense, convenient yet delicious options that didn’t include empty calories, tons of added sugar or cheap ingredients. Needless to say, I failed miserably. So, I decided to listen to people just like you (thank you for being here), learn from registered dietitians, take notes from local farmers, and push the boundaries with food scientists. And just like that, Tejari was born: plant-based, superfood protein made with organic, whole ingredients and jam-packed with fruits and spices. The best part? No added sugar, preservatives or flavors.